TotesNotThea December 22, 2020 Female Devs in Adult Gaming, are they as rare as you think?

Female Devs in Adult Gaming, are they as rare as you think?

Why is this even a question?

The question should be “why isn’t this already a question?” Look at some of the most creative people around, think of 4 people in the last 100 years who’ve created something incredible, go on, I’ll wait… Now, how many of them were female? About half? That’s why this is a question.

Are female devs as rare as you think?

Yes and no. Let me explain what I mean by that. If you’ve been on the internet and around forums for very long, you’ll know by now that there are no women on the internet, they don’t exist, none at all; it’s all middle-aged men in their y-fronts playing Call of Duty (other titles are available) and calling each other names. The “women” in this scenario are all these men just pretending to be women.

Now for some actual facts, between 2014 & 2019 the average stats* for game developers were 71-76% Male, 21-24% Female and 1-5% Transgender/Androgenous/Other. This is only for mainstream development and only with a limited dataset to work from (around 9,000 respondents to the survey), if we can assume that adult game development follows the same general pattern then that’s a lot of female developers; which means that for every 10 male developers, there are 2 female developers.

Why do female devs not always announce they are female?

Where have you been? This is the internet, it’s full of perverts and trolls or perverted trolls; if there was a risk of you being harassed, would you conceal your gender? I just want to be clear here; it’s not all men that are harassers and it’s not all women that are harrassees, but the risk is still there. Also, not every pervert is a troll and there’s nothing wrong with a little perversion now and then.

The same question was asked of four female developers; “Why did you decide to create your own game?“, and the general consensus was “because they wanted to see if they could”, you can see snippets of their interviews and links to the full interviews below.

Teri – “I found that there were all sorts of ways to make the graphics for these games. Not long after I found my first modern AVN than I discovered that I really prefer the look of Daz models to the more “anime style” ones – I just didn’t know they were Daz models. … After a minimal amount of digging, I found Daz 3D… and it was FREE! I downloaded it just to fuck around and see what I could do.”

Link to full interview

x3rr4 – “I used to make digital art with my Wacom and wanted to try something new. I had already made experiences with Cinema4D, so it wasn’t very difficult to get started with DAZ Studio.”

Link to full interview

Eris – “Vanity. I wanted to see if I could, and if it would be liked or not.  That was really my primary motivation, as un-glamourous as that may be.”

Link to full interview

Notty – “The ones I played at the time were just so badly written. Awful. One was so bad it nearly killed me. Literally. … So yeah, the writing and scripts drove me to it.”

Link to full interview

Are you a female professional in the Adult Gaming Industry? What has your experience been like? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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Manka Games
7 months ago

Comment from Natsu, our writer:

At the moment, I’m working on an adult game in the company of two friends. I was brought into this case almost by accident, but now I am completely involved in the process. I do screenwriting, character history, small-scale visuals, and testing. I want to write a really good script for an adult game, in which there will be no stupid and unnatural dialogues and actions. I want to show that games in this genre can be smart and interesting.

It’s interesting as we don’t have usual texts in the Tame It! But emojis are more challenging sometimes and we confident that Natsu will get her moment of glory.

Two Jura
7 months ago

Most men are convinced that a woman in the world of erotica and pornography plays only one role – that of an actress.
Of course this is wrong and should be corrected. When I started creating my first game I was simply afraid that discovering the truth that I was a woman would ruin my career as a game developer. Of course I was wrong, and the community has been incredibly kind and supportive.
Like Pizznazz wrote, a lot of people assume in advance that a porn game developer is just a guy. It would be nice to create a device to wake them all up from the Matrix.
Women do exist in the porn world. They watch, play, comment and create content. And there are more and more of us ;*

9 months ago

Interesting article. Although I wouldn’t refer to myself as a professional, I’m a woman working on an adult text game called Family Infestation. I’ve been pretty up front about my sex and haven’t encountered any weirdness at all, be it on forums, discord, or whatever – which, given the somewhat out there nature of the kinks I’m writing about, I’m still surprised. I find that most people just assume I’m a guy. I used to pull people up on it, but find that I can’t really be bothered any more. If people pay attention, they should be able to figure it out for themselves. Mostly, I’ve found the community to be lovely and supportive, a place in which I can share my desires without being looked at askance.