Slack June 28, 2021 Demons & Damsels – An interview with Caribdis

Demons & Damsels – An interview with Caribdis

Caribdis is the name behind the AVN Once in a Lifetime. They were gracious enough to answer a few questions about Once in a Lifetime and their future projects.

Q: How did you start creating AVN’s? What was the inspiration behind Once in a Lifetime?

A: I’ve always been a player like any other. I used to play AVN’s in my free time, I enjoyed them a lot, and one day I started thinking about creating my own. With Harem Hotel I discovered HoneySelect games, I liked the art, and I saw that it didn’t require a very good computer to work with. So I downloaded it, I watched a bunch of Youtube Tutorials, and I started creating Once in a Lifetime, with the idea of making a game that I would have liked to play myself.

Q: What was the development process like for you? Anything you’d change for future projects?

A: I started working on OiaLt in my spare time, whenever I could and I felt like it. However, the lockdown changed it all. I found myself in my home 24/7, so instead of spending the whole day jacking off, I decided to take this project more seriously (and just spend a part of the day jacking off). I believe that moment is noticeable in the game, and looking at it now, I feel like the beginning of the game could be way better. In my future projects this won’t happen, so I’d like them to have a better quality from the start. 

Q: What was the toughest challenge you faced during development?

A: I had never used Honey Select, I had never used Ren’py, and I had no experience in programming nor writing, so the learning curve was long. I needed a lot of hours to learn even the easiest things. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve also learned a lot since then. 

Q: Do you plan your story or is it more spontaneous and off the cuff? Somewhere in the middle?

A: I’d say somewhere in the middle. When I started the game I knew how I wanted the main story to be, but I never planned any of the small things that happen to the characters during their journey. Most of the scenes that are included in each update come to my mind while I’m developing the previous scenes.

Q: Any thoughts on the adult game industry in general?

A: So far my experience in the industry has been very positive, I’ve met lots of nice people, from fellow devs or artists, to players. I discovered Discord servers thanks to this (until that moment I only used it to voice-talk while playing games with friends) and I think they’re a great tool to engage with your community.

Q: Is there anything you’d want to see differently in the industry?

A: I’d like to see a greater reach of adult games, a lot of people don’t know about AVN’s just because some sites or platforms limit, forbid or “hide” adult content, which, in some cases, I think it’s absurd.

Q: Do you have any comments that you’re willing to share regarding Patreon and Subscribestar? Effects on the industry perhaps?

A: It’s no secret that Patreon limits some creators on certain aspects, but despite that, both sites are the tools that allows developers to continue creating games for people to enjoy. Without people’s support, the adult game industry wouldn’t exist as it is.

It’s no secret that Patreon limits some creators on certain aspects, but despite that, both sites are the tools that allows developers to continue creating games for people to enjoy.

Q: Many devs have a particular character they’re especially fond of from their own games. Do you have such a character? What about a character you least liked?

A: I like all the characters in my game, from the LI’s (obviously) to all the secondary characters. But if I have to choose one, I’d say Stabby Mike. No, it’s not a lewdable character, no, it’s not even a girl, but he seems to be everyone’s favourite bald ex-con. I don’t have a character that I don’t like, even the characters I include that are meant to be hated, like Orochi or Oliver, end up being memes and inside jokes in the community.

Q: On a more subjective note, I found the game’s writing to be quite humourous, is it something you planned and wrote out or did the jokes come naturally?

A: It came naturally. I wasn’t even planning OiaLt to be a “funny” game, but when I’m doing a scene, I always come up with some joke that I think can be funny, and I can’t help but include it. 

Q: One of my favourite aspects of Once in a Lifetime was the puzzles. It was fun to try and figure out how to solve them. Are puzzles going to be expanded upon in future games?

A: Sure, why not. I like them too, and there will be some in my next game. I’ll try to find the balance between being entertaining, but not boring or frustrating. 

Q: Once in a Lifetime had a central plot that’s very fantasy/mythos based. Will this carry on in future projects or are you looking to try something different?

A: There will be fantasy elements in my next game too, although a different kind of fantasy, and maybe not so obvious. 

Q: Your next project is called Eternum. Any light you can shed on this next endeavour?

A: I’ll switch to HS2, so the graphic quality will be higher than Once in a Lifetime. It shares a lot of features with HS1, but it’s still something new, so there will be a learning curve too. However, with Eternum I aim to create a more ambitious project, a bigger story, with more events, more scenes, more girls, and a more polished game overall in the long term.

However, with Eternum I aim to create a more ambitious project, a bigger story, with more events, more scenes, more girls, and a more polished game overall in the long term.

Q: I understand if you would rather keep hush about future projects but can you give a little teaser for your next game?

A: Eternum takes place several years after OiaLt events, although the main cast is completely new. The plot revolves around “Eternum”, a virtual hyper-reality MMORPG game that was released less than a year ago. With a neural implant that recreates the five senses, it becomes impossible to distinguish between the game and the real world. Thousands of servers form the network of Eternum: from colourful fantasy worlds where magic exists to foggy sci-fi cities and simulators of all kinds. Nevertheless, rumour has it that there’s a darker side behind this pretty façade. Black market, torture, rape, illegal content trafficking, unlawful assemblies, data theft… And now, it will be you who has to decide what role you take in the middle of all of this.

Q: Lastly, any words of advice to all the aspiring developers out there still working on their game?

A: If you love what you do, keep going. I had a very slow start myself. After a year working on my game, I was earning less than $100 a month on Patreon, but my engagement started growing a lot faster these past few months, to the point that now I can make a living at this, doing what I love.

What did you think of Once in a Lifetime? What are you hoping to see in Eternum? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks once again to Caribdis for agreeing to this interview. Please go and send them some support!


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Ixalon Darkstone
Ixalon Darkstone(@ixalon)
5 months ago

Great game, Great Dev! This was the first AVN I ever supported on Patreon and was totally worth every penny. Can’t wait to see what comes next in Eternum!

5 months ago

love this author. great interview!