Domiek February 7, 2020 Convert Clothes from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8 in Daz3D and Vice Versa


Convert Clothes from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8 in Daz3D and Vice Versa

Got a large collection of Genesis 3 clothes and you’re sad that you can’t use them on your Genesis 8 figures? Like many of you, I was excited for the Daz3D genesis 8 figures when they were first announced and have been slowly amassing a growing collection of figures and clothing assets whenever a sale caught my eye. However, it’s frustrating to think about all those clothes and poses you’ve collected for genesis 3 sitting unused. Fortunately, you can convert both clothes and poses to gen 8. I’ll focus only on the clothes part here.

The absolute easiest way to convert from gen 3 to gen 8, and from gen 8 to gen 3, is by using SY Genesis 8 Clones for Genesis 3, by SickleYield. It’s priced at $20 but can sometimes be found on sale for less. This is the method I personally use as it saves time and eliminates any headaches. Simply select your figure, load the clothes you want and the script will do all the conversions for you.

I’ll show you just how easy it is to use SickleYield’s tool.

 Once the plugin is installed, load up your figure like you normally do. Sophie is a genesis 3 figure, and she’s in desperate need of some pants. The Palazzo pants for Genesis 8 seems to be in fashion. Select Sophie and then double click the Palazzo pants.

An Auto-Fit window automatically pops up allowing us to select Genesis 8 Female.

Select Genesis 8 Female, choose Pants for the item type. Voila! In just two clicks, our clothes are converted and perfectly fitting.

Genesis 8 pants on a Genesis 3 figure

The free way to convert your clothing is by using SickleYield’s free tutorial which can be found here. It’s not difficult to do but will take a few minutes of your time every time you want to apply a new article of clothing. Additionally, SickleYield demonstrates how to convert shoes and this method also allows the use of Gen 3 clothes on Gen 8 and the other way around.

SickleYield does give a warning that content management/smart content needs to be installed for her method to work. 

If you have only a few items you wish to convert, I would highly recommend going the manual route. If you’re like me, who has a large collection of clothes for both figures, then the paid plugin is the only sane option available for us. The amount of time saved over numerous projects will more than pay for itself.

Sophie rocking her new pants
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