LewdPixels December 25, 2020 Christmas Updates To Check Out – 2020

Christmas Updates To Check Out – 2020

Every year a few developers take the time to create a special gift for us readers, a little side story to celebrate the season. This year is no exception so lets see what Santa has left for us naughty people in 2020.

A New Home

by Envixer
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Harem
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Envixer’s latest release includes a beautiful little Christmas story called Last Christmas (I Gave You A New Home). Nothing says Merry Christmas like a bit of lesbian twincest with mom. This short story is a prequel to the main story of A New Home and features some stunning animations and beautiful renders.

Thirsty for My Guest

by monkeyposter_7
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Dating Humor Male Protagonist Romance
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This isn’t the first time Thirsty For My Guest has had a Christmas Special. Last year monkeyposter_7 released a Die Hard spoof called Stay Hard. This year is a very different story where James, Goldy and Vanessa get caught in a small cabin in the woods during a blizzard and have a very special visitor. There is also a voluntary hidden object feature for bonus fun.

Freeloading Family

by FFCreations
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Humor Male Protagonist Harem School Setting
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Freeloading families has not one but two Christmas specials (both found in the Extras menu of the game). The first is called Leah’s Christmas Present and features the gift that keeps on giving and the second is called Karina’s Christmas Gift and is a “what if” story based on the MC ending up with Karina.

Now & Then: A Tale Of The End

by ILSProductions
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Animated Horror Male Protagonist Romance
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Now & Then tells two stories. Now is in the aftermath of the Zed-19 pandemic that devastated the world. Then is the story of how the protagonist came to adopt a teenage girl and create a life with her. The Christmas special takes place “then” and is called Five Christmases. This story is safe for work which may be good if you have company for the holidays.

Harem Highlander

by Eris Discordia
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Male Protagonist School Setting Animated Harem Romance
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The Harem Highlander Christmas Special started out a a daily special on Eris Discordia’s Patreon and is a 12 special render DLC with the script entirely written as a holiday rhyme.

“I fight all the evils, wherever they are.”

“And the greatest of evils is vile NTR!”

We hope these specials can bring you some NSFW Christmas cheer. If you thing we missed any good ones please let us know in the comments.

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