PixelRepublic May 12, 2020 Chatting with “Luke’s Way” developer: Evil User.


Chatting with “Luke’s Way” developer: Evil User.

Luke’s Way, the wild adventure of Luke, our main character; who I think you will all agree must be the luckiest guy on Earth. I had a chat with its developer; Evil User. We discussed his plans for the game, his challenges, and the lessons he has learned along the way in developing a game for the first time.

Q: Luke’s Way is a harem game with a twist, and it seems to be progressing well. How far along are you with the development of it? Is there still a lot of the story left to tell? Or should we be expecting it to come to an end soon?

A: I can freely say that I’m 50% done but the story won’t end with this game, my next game is planned to pick up on events that won’t be mentioned in Luke’s Way. Events that happened before the start of Luke’s Way like where Luke was before he started working for Michelle, some side events not included in Luke’s Way during the story and some events that will be an extension of Luke’s Way.

Q: The welcome party for Luke at the beginning of the game, with all of the girls standing in a row. We haven’t seen much content with some of those original girls. Can we expect to see more of them in the future?

Also, I plan on re-introducing at least 2 characters from Chapter 1 in every future update.

A: At this point, every girl from Chapter 1 (Luke’s welcome party) has had a few appearances and they will have more; in v0.21 there is a hint for an event-party and we’ll see some of them there. Also, I plan on re-introducing at least 2 characters from Chapter 1 in every future update.

Q: Following on from the previous question. With there being so many girls in the story, do you struggle to deliver enough quality content with each of the girls?

A: I’m looking forward to making another computer upgrade soon so I can deliver more content, which means more balanced content with characters from both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Q: With such a wide variety of girls available already, do you have plans to introduce more girls? Especially considering that Michelle removed the restriction of Luke being with other girls, and them having to be from the company.

A: Two new characters are already announced depending on the paths that the player takes. I’ve received many suggestions to not involve more characters because the game is becoming too crowded with new characters, some players have expressed difficulty keeping track of all the characters. This part of the development is still something that I’m considering how to proceed further with.

Q: You made changes to the Rachel (Mother) and Ella characters. One critique I would have is the physical appearance of Krysten (Sister), especially compared to other female characters. Do you have any plans for a remodel of her character?

Rachel’s new look.

A: Rachel’s change of appearance was planned from the start and I got a lot of criticism about her initial appearance so I had to speed up the process of changing her appearance. Ella’s change of appearance was made simply because of my initial poor choice of assets (hair, clothes, etc.). For example, her initial hairstyle didn’t support gravity morphs and that’s a problem when you try to make the characters look as realistic as possible. Regarding Krysten, I made some changes in her appearance like fixing her eyes. Her initial eyes looked like she was crying for days with a lot of redness in her eyes. Her chest and her face were also slightly re-touched. But I always listen to my fans and if there is something that indicates that I should rework Krysten’s character, I’ll do it.

Q: There was the time you started to make the game free roam, and the community wasn’t that happy about it. What was your motivation for that decision? And are you happy with how things are now?

A: The main purpose of switching the game from VN to free roam was to give players a longer playtime per update. By doing that I’ve realised that players don’t want those kinds of changes. If you start a VN project, don’t change it.

Q: With there being a pregnancy route with Michelle, is there any pregnancy routes planned for any other characters?

A: Yes, there will be pregnancy routes with other girls, but not with all of the girls in the game. I try to keep Luke’s Way different from other games, and as we know, currently there is one girl in Luke’s Way that won’t get pregnant and she told us why that is.

Q: With the story being so complex, do you have an outline of how the story will progress? Or do you just write updates as you work on them?

A: Interesting question, unusual I’d say. How Luke’s Way will end is set in stone already but that’s just what will happen at the end. As I’ve said before I always listen to my fans and supporters and by doing that I have to manipulate the events. For example, events that are planned for the next update can be pushed a bit forward in a future update and by request add events from future updates in the next update. I’m flexible and I try to please everyone which sometimes is a tough job.

Q: Are there any big developments coming in the game that you would feel comfortable sharing?

A: This line of work is very dependent mostly for three reasons. 1st thing is assets that are available in the stores, 2nd thing is developer skills and 3rd thing is technical resources (computer parts). Therefore I cannot share anything because if I fail to deliver on what I’ve said, it’s going to hit me in the back. 🙂

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about starting their own game or who are new to game development?

Don’t promise something if you are not sure that you can deliver and always make sure you deliver updates within the release time frame. 

A: First: If you are not a native English speaker and you have zero knowledge of the English language (like me), make sure you find a decent proofreader who will always have your back and suggest ideas (credits to Deebris). 
Second: Don’t promise something if you are not sure that you can deliver and always make sure you deliver updates within the release time frame. 
Third: Always ask for help, I always ask and I always help everyone who asks for my help. 
Fourth: Always pay attention to what fans and supporters suggest. NEVER be stubborn and stick to what you have planned.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: I want to say thanks for this opportunity LewdPixels.com gave to me and to other developers. I think that’s all.


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2 years ago

It was a great interview good to read viewpont of a developer. I also liked the dev Evil User attitude.

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