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Burnout is a real thing. And no, I’m not talking about the energy drink that tastes like sweet tarts and makes your heart beat out of your chest like a character in a Screwball cartoon. I mean waking up in the morning and having an overwhelming dread when you even think about continuing your project. It’s that sinking rock in your stomach, the energy drain that happens when you sit down to work and it’s your private parts going ‘Hey, if you ain’t doin’ anything, I could use some attention.’ Zzzziipp.

If you’re truly committed to something, you’re going to feel that inevitable burnout creep into your life eventually. Perhaps you’re not there yet. Or perhaps you’ve already got one hand on your zipper and two fingers in your butthole. Either way, there are a few tips and tricks I’d like to share with you to help you stay focused and keep on working.

Let’s talk about your project for a moment. It’s big, isn’t it? Like a big, throbbing, veiny project that needs some serious lovin’. And chances are, you’re not going to finish it off in a day. You’re not going to feel the sweet release of completion today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day… It’s big! So break it down. Set reachable goals each day and strive to meet those goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Don’t stagnate! Get up once in a while, go outside and exercise! You’re not going to melt like a vampire if the sun touches your delicate, baby-smooth skin. Grab a glass of wine at eleven o’clock in the morning and sit outside drinkin’ like Betty White does on any day that ends in ‘day’. She’s immortal so take notes from her. There’s also a multitude of benefits from exercising and curbing burnout is one of them. Twerking burns around three hundred to four hundred and eighty calories an hour. It’s right here on the internet so it must be true. Get that booty movin’!

Take. Breaks. Take an hour. Take the night. You’re not a machine, you’re not going to be able to work like one. Maintain your social relationships, play a video game, watch an episode of Gossip Girls. Your work cannot be all-consuming in your life or not only will you burn out, but you’ll freakin’ die! Okay, that might be dramatic. But you will not be able to maintain that forever. Take some time to do other things away from where you work.

Positive emotions are going to be paramount to your success. I have an app on my phone that I leave open and it perpetually tells me how amazing I am. This might not work for everyone. Avoid negativity in your life and surround yourself with positive people, positive fans, or positive inanimate machines that give you a false sense of self-importance. You know that guy or gal that’s just full of positive energy all the time in a chatroom or at your AA meeting? They’re probably hyper-religious and are always telling you how wonderful life is and how beautiful nature is and shit. They’re probably Canadian. Keep that person close! Positivity inspires positivity.

Teach someone something that you’ve learned during your long project journey. There is nothing that gives you more meaning than to pass on what you’ve learned to another human being. Taking on responsibility for someone else’s knowledge imbues your life with purpose. It also helps to increase your desire for more experiences and drives you to better yourself in that field so you can be even more helpful the next time you teach someone.

Work hard, play hard! Divide your time between your work life and your social life. Practice good habits like exercising, eating right, and be sure to get some sunshine. Surround yourself with positive energy, contribute to your community, and collaborate with your peers.

Good luck out there, Girl Scouts!

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2 years ago

Having burned out on my first project after only three releases I am wishing I had read this first. Wine works at first but in the end, a life works much better.

2 years ago

Good stuff!

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