Dragonslayer13 October 22, 2021 Best Redheads in AVNs – Part 2


Best Redheads in AVNs – Part 2

Welcome back! to the part-2 of best redheads in VNs, here, we will take a look at my favorite redheads from the VNs, we have covered a part-1 before, you can check it out here.

Rosa – Become a rockstar

This red-head beast is your girlfriend’s mother (yes, you can’t have a chance with her if you are not on Selina’s path), Rosa’s path, which is essentially nested in Selina’s path, is pretty risky unless you don’t care much about breaking up with your gf, I mean, is she worth the risk? to me, absolutely!

Become a Rockstar

by MrJet
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SAGE – Being a DIK

It is inevitable that she will be here, she is not only one of the hottest redheads, but is also my favorite LI from Being a DIK. Sage has everything I look for in a girlfriend, she is beautiful, smart, kind, caring, and more importantly, a fun person to be with.

Being a DIK

by Dr PinkCake
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Clare – Treasure of Nadia

Clare is a significant character in Treasure of Nadia, she is just not a simple LI, she is important for the plot progression and that makes a LI stand out very much in the game, Clare sometimes can be tough to control, being a typical cold treasure hunter, she wants to be the one in control, but once she starts to believe in us, she will be more caring and understanding and brings out a different personality.

Treasure of Nadia

by NLT
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Holly – What a Legend!

Holly from What a legend, is a funny character. She is pretty tough to tame because she can get angry so easily. And her temper results in one of the most humorous moments in the game, she did not even make an appearance in the latest update but she has one line to which I laughed a lot.

What A Legend!

by MagicNuts
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Amy – Personal trainer

Amy is one of the perfect milfs out there, I wanna give props to Domiek, the developer of Personal trainer, for creating her, she is so unique. Her storyline is also pretty good, and probably the most complete path in Personal trainer, also the people who like Netori(stealing someone else’s wife), they will love her path.

Personal Trainer

by Domiek
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So, that is it for this article, I will probably come with another part later. Until then, stay safe and keep having fun. If you have any favorite redheads, mention them in the comments.


I like pussy, titties and MILFs. Thanks to all AVN developers for their amazing work. And yeah, all the mistakes were purely intentional.

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