Trixieb December 20, 2020 An interview with Eris, the dev of Harem Highlander.

An interview with Eris, the dev of Harem Highlander.

Q: What got you into adult games?

A: I can’t remember why or how exactly, but I wound up finding PhillyGames’ Depraved Awakening on Steam, and played it and loved it.  After that the next game I found (I think via Google) was Dreams of Desire.  I got sucked into AVN’s then, and haven’t managed to find my way out yet.

Q: What made you decide to create your own game?

A: Vanity. I wanted to see if I could, and if it would be liked or not.  That was really my primary motivation, as un-glamourous as that may be.

Q: How much planning did you put into your game and do you think it was enough?

A: Not nearly as much as you might think.  Most of my writing is very off-the-cuff. I do have a script, but it generally gets ignored beyond being a guideline at the time of actual writing, which is when I’m coding the game in RenPy.

Q: How big is the game going to be once it’s finished?

A: I’m not even sure.  More than ten episodes, and less than a hundred.  It really depends how long I keep feeling creative in relation to it.  I currently have up to Episode 4 scripted out.

Q:What was the first adult game that you ever played?

A: Depraved Awakening, by PhillyGames. 

Q: With regards to “Harem Highlander” what was your inspiration behind the characters?

A: I just wanted some wholesome roommate/landlady content, you know? Not this sick pervy incest shit people are so into nowadays.

Q: Why did you choose the setting you have and what are your favourite *setting your game is based* based entertainments? (films/books/shows/games)

A: I guess ‘The Setting’ was kind of default.  It’s a modern fantasy, so it needed modern times, but with magic and faeries and such.  As for things with similar settings, obviously Highlander (TV show and 1st movie, fuck the others), Bright (an underrated Netflix film), and a splash of Shadowrun (technically sci-fi, but hey).

Q:Before “Harem Highlander” what were some of your past projects you worked on ?

A: I had done some writing for Monkeyposter_7’s game Thirsty for my Guest (and still do).

Q: What or who are your influences?

A: AVN-wise? I really look up to the work ethic of DroidProductions (he makes Love of Magic), and the creativity of Lockheart.  And of course, everyone wants to be Alorth when it comes to Art quality.

Q: What one piece of advice would you give to other future prospective female devs?

A: Don’t put an avatar of yourself in your game, everyone will want to lewd it, and that’s awkward as hell.

Q: What one piece of advice for devs do you wish you could go back in time and give to yourself?

A: Don’t render on your laptop.  Budget way more time than you think you’ll need.  Also, don’t render on your laptop.  Did I mention not rendering on your laptop?

Q: Do you have a favourite character or is it too hard to choose just one?

A: Jizzabelle is pretty much the best ever.  Followed in close second by The Morbil.  Beyond that I kind of like them all, though Chad having a penis is a bit of a strike against him in the preference department. 

Q: Speaking of favorite characters, the narrator will fans get to see more of her and is she based on anyone particular ?

A: Please see ‘Piece of advice for what not to do’ response 😉

Q:How was it to work with such talent like Lockheart and others ?

A: It was good, Lockheart is fairly easy to work with, so long as you totally ignore what he wants sometimes and just do it your way anyhow.  But seriously, he was, and continues to be great, and really helpful.

Q: What are some new characters coming up in the next update?

A: I’m excited for The Morbil. Also, there will be a Nega-Faerie or two, and the last girl of the Harem will make a (very brief) appearance. I  hope everyone will like the new additions and new models!

Q: Since you became a developer, has your view of the industry changed?

A: I find I play less AVNs.  Which is weird. But I guess that could be down to time.  Posing and rendering sucks.  I really need to just chain an artist up in the basement with my render rig.

Q: Would you consider a collaboration with another dev on another project ?

A: Sure, why not, so long as they know I’m always right in the end and can work with that.

Q: Are there any plans or ideas of developing the “Harem Highlander” universe beyond the scope of the game or after it has finished? Are there plans for a sequel?

A: I do have plans for another game, but it’s in a more serious vein, and not really related to Harem Highlander’s whacky hijinks in any way.

Q: Which of your game’s characters would you say is most influenced by your own personality?

A: Probably Jizzabelle.  I tend to be kind of a bitch, but I mean well. I also really wish I had cool wings like she does.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add or talk about as far as yourself, the community or future updates before we wrap up ?

A: Please stop asking to lewd the Narrator, thanks! <3

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