TotesNotThea October 20, 2020 In Memoriam – A Toast to Palmer.

In Memoriam – A Toast to Palmer.

This is for Palmer of Love-Joint who put others before himself. He cared deeply about his friends, his family, his team, and anyone who became a fan and admirer of his work. He was loved and adored by so many from this community. May he never be forgotten, may his memories never be lost, may his laughter never been unheard, and may his work and dreams continue through the talented team that he left behind. For a life that was so beautifully lived. Thank you, Palmer, for sharing so much with everyone may you rest in peace. We the community will overcome this huge loss together.

The characters in the image above are listed below from left to right.

Left to Right: Annie of Last Call by Thunderline Studios, Chloe of Love of Magic by DroidProductions, Cece of Leap of Faith by DriftyGames, Violet of Neko Paradise by Alorth, Serra of Sylphine by Glacerose, Luna of The Deluca Family by HopesGaming, Sharon and Lauren of Vertices by PeerlessDepravity, Sasha of SC4LES by Pandalin Studios, Tamara and Johanna of Double Homework by Palmer/Love-Joint*, Sigird of PRFtF by dashxx549, Macy and Denise of Light of My Life by NaughtyRoad, Rebecca of SteamDreams by OriginalTK, Jaye of Chasing Sunsets by Stone Fox Studios, Céline of Tales From The Unending Void by Perverteer, Emily of Halfway House by Az, Steph and Lt. McKenna of Defending Lydia Collier by White Phantom Games, Penny of Avalon by Lockheart.

Photo Editing by Alorth / Organization by TrixieB / *Tamara and Johanna recreated by Alorth

Some memories about Palmer

I think the lesson from Palmer’s life is this: take care of each other, yes, but please also take care of yourself. We’re all going to have to do this without you from now on. For everything that you put into our lives, it would have been so much easier if you had put in a little less and still have been around. Whatever fruits my life bears, they will be a little bitter now that you, who made it possible, are not around to enjoy them.
Goodbye, my friend.

AW – Writer for Love-Joint Games

So maybe Palmer’s gone, but he’s not gone gone. Every time I check the team chat for Love-Joint, it’s like seeing him reflected back at me in the faces of my coworkers. Every time I drop in on this server, I see the people he loved and the jokes he created and this overwhelmingly spirit that was Palmer. Every image, every game, every interactive fiction he put out there into the world is another part of him immortalized. Every song or band he introduced someone to will forever remind them of Palmer. Some of us will never be able to see Hatsune Miku’s dumb little face without seeing Palmer in it. Every person who credits Palmer or one of his projects as their inspiration to start a creative endeavor is a bit of him carrying onwards. He left the world a different place than he found it and no one will ever be able to take that away from him.

Rofax – Artist at Love-Joint Games

Regardless of his own struggles he’d find time to help others with theirs. One thing I’ll remember is that it wasn’t about the income for him. He had vision and passion, and it showed throughout the entire team. Every single month he bragged about the work everyone had done and the quality of it. Every time he cared about not disappointing the community. He cared about friends who had left, new friends he’d made, and interacting with everyone. He’s left an impact on me, even though I’ve not talked to him daily. It’s truly sad to know he’s gone. You were a beacon, Palmer. Thank you for all your hard work, leadership, and care. You will be missed.

Myste – Discord Moderator for Love-Joint Games

Love lives on… I decided to create an artwork* in memory of Palmer since he was kind enough to share one of my artwork on his Patreon page and also his website. Once again thank you for the great journey Palmer. We will never forget you. Rest in peace. *This artwork is the featured image at the top of the page.

Davion Vargas – Creator of Fan Art for Love-Joint Games


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1 year ago

We miss you man and you will always be missed, but your memory will always live on in your games.

Rest in Peace Palmer.

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1 year ago

Godspeed, good sir. Rest easy.