TotesNotThea January 25, 2021 A few words from the Award Winners!


A few words from the Award Winners!

At the beginning of the year we had the Staff Picks Awards, we reached out to all of the winners for comment; here’s what we got back.

Whether it was a first, second, or third place award, or an honourable mention, all of the awards were well deserved. So from everyone at we want to give a big congratulations to all the winners!

Now for a bit of background information on the awards: These awards were Staff Picks chosen and voted for by the staff at The nominations were open to all staff at and at the time the voting took place, there were 18 members of staff.

Tiebreak Vote
Tiebreak Vote

Each category was voted on by the staff members in a secret ballot where they placed their top three choices for that category into a form, the results from this were then collated by a senior manager and presented to the staff. Where there was a tie on a certain placing for 2nd, 3rd, or Honourable Mention, we all got together as a group to have a discussion where we voted again on those ties. All of the first-place winners won by a fair margin so nothing was in doubt there. It is also worth noting that while some of our staff are also developers, we made it a rule that they were not allowed to nominate or vote for their own games.

So without further ado, here are the comments we got back in no particular order…

First up we have X3rr4 who got an Honourable Mention for Best Original Art.

Thank you very much for honorable mention in the category “Best Original Art”! The recognition of my art of the last year and all the time I have invested means a lot to me. A special thanks goes to Trix, Sneaky Bastard and all the others who always believed in me and supported me. All this love and LewdPixels noticing me and my art only encourages me to keep going. Look forward to the second episode of my game Hanna Futile Resistance coming soon.

Honourable Mention for Best Original Art
A still from Hanna Futile Resistance

Next up we have Naughty Road who got second place for Best Original Art, third place for Best Writing and an Honourable Mention in the Best Developer Category.

I feel very honored to show up on three categories of Lewd Pixels’ staff picks, and pick up an award for Original Art, Writing, and an honorable mention for Developer of the Year. When I started out with this, I had no idea that I’d end up rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented developers on the scene, and to end up here is exciting and daunting in equal measure. Special thanks to all that have supported Light of my Life over this period. This moment would not have been possible without your love and support.

Second place for Best Original Art, third place for Best Writing and an Honourable Mention in the Best Developer Category.
Macy and Denise from Light of My Life

Next we have Envixer who got an Honourable Mention for Best Writing

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and to the LewdPixels staff! I love writing, and having that recognised is awesome!

Honourable Mention for Best Writing
Dani, Susie and Rebecca from A New Home

Next up we have a few words from Rebecca, the star of A New Home who got an Honourable Mention in the Best NPC Category.

They said I won an award? Oh, an Honourable Mention?

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Thank you to all the people who follow my story and are rooting for me to be the Queen of our fun family!

I mean, the reason you voted is so that I become Queen, right? Right.

Love to all, but now I gotta go see what my little brother’s up to!

Honourable Mention for Favourite NPC
Rebecca from A New Home

Next, we have a few words from Ensign Sarah Davis, (she insisted we use her full name and rank) who won first place in the Favourite NPC Category.

I won? Me? Brill!

This is -just- like in that scene from “Gloria wins a prize”! Except in that case the prize was Gloria lopping off the Orc Shamen’s head and shoving it up his bum so he could see how big an arse he was. But even so! It’s totes brill!

I would like to thank everyone except, Mike Carter. He’s a poophead.

But I’d especially like to thank anyone who likes my CoC. I know some people think my CoC is a bit big at times, and I know it can be difficult for some players to enjoy. But I’ve always said a hard CoC is the best CoC and it really is worth getting to grips with.

So! Do we have time to discuss medieval tables? I just read this aces book and…..we don’t? Oh…

You haven’t seen my bra anywhere have you by the way?

Winner of Favourite NPC

Next, we have a few words from Drifty, who second place in the Best Game category.

Well honestly, I was secretly hoping for an honorable mention in the writer category. Seeing my game as runner up in the best game instead was a very pleasant surprise. Making this game is a very isolated experience where I don’t really know how well I’m doing. But the award is a reminder for myself that I’m on the right track.

Second Place in the Best Game category
A still from Leap of Faith

Next up is a quote from EvaKiss, who won third place in the Best Developer category.

I am happy I was considered in the mix.

Third place in the Best Developer category
A still from Our Red String

Industry newcomer Chestnut, from the dev team of Magic Nuts, our First Place winner of Best Original Art had this to say.

I was clueless that you were considering me for this prize, among all the beautifully made games out there, so winning it came as a great surprise. The only thing I am able to express is my most sincere gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who chose me, and thank you to those who make this game possible: our patrons and players. Without their constant support, I wouldn’t even be able to work on this game, and thank you to Pistachio, who is my rock. I can promise you that getting this award motivates me to keep working hard and improving my skills so you will see a lot more of “What a Legend” in the future.

Winner for Best Original Art
What a Legend

Here is what was said by Dark Blue, who won third place in the Best Game category.

With Hillside being my first attempt at creating a visual novel I never expected it to gain any kind of recognition.
Therefore, to be awarded third place is very exciting and gives me encouragement and increased confidence going forward.
I am extremely grateful to my patrons for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to create Hillside.
I am also indebted to those that have helped me, and continue to help me, in other ways. I would never have achieved this success without them.
This award, and the kindness and generosity of supporters, inspire me to work harder to improve Hillside and make it as good as I possibly can.
Thank you to LewdPixels for awarding third place to Hillside.

Third Place for Best Game
A still from Hillside

HopesGaming who won second place for Best Writing, had this to say.

Thanks for the honor I appreciate it. Glad to see more story-focused games are getting love and congrats to all the other winners.

Second Place for Best Writing
The Deluca Family

Last, but certainly not least is Nottravisgames who won first place in an amazing four of the five categories! Best Game, Best Developer, Best Writing and Best NPC, although Sarah will probably argue that she won that last one…


I would like to start by stating I have absolutely not slept with all eighteen staff members at LewdPixels. Or any of them now I come to think of it. Well, unless they were in London between 2014 and 2017 and used to frequent West End cocktail bars on a Friday night. Then I might have? Maybe? I mean not all of them. Like, not all eighteen at once.

Er…I think I’ve gone off topic a bit?

So, thank you. It is a staggering honour to be nominated for an award, let alone win one. To win more than one is incredible. I look at some of the competition, developers who I admire and have looked up to since even before I first opened up a Daz file, and to even find myself mentioned in the same space as people like Philly or Hopes is somewhat mindblowing for me.

If that weren’t astounding enough for me to take in, my work was being judged by both my peers in fellow developers and a cohort of professional writers. A more thorough and industry aware audience would be hard to find and, although I know H5 will never be a popular game for players of the adult genre, I value the critical appraisal from such a team far more than mere popularity.

It is customary when accepting an award to thank all the people that made it happen. Sadly, I don’t have a hair-stylist, make-up artist or dress designer to shower praise upon. Nor do I have a team in a traditional sense as H5 is very much a solo effort.

But I do have a team in a much wider sense and it is they who deserve to share these awards. I speak, of course, of my patreons and the players who love my little world. The patreons first and foremost. It’s no secret I started with nothing but a story and a cheap used 1050 card equipped PC. Their support has helped me slowly but surely develop both my skills and equipment to my current level. Their patience as I struggled through missteps and disaster, their sheer belief in my commitment to get this game made regardless, is beyond value. Without them, this game wouldn’t be as complex as it is, not look as good as it currently does. It’s their game – not mine. I just type toot on their behalf.

And the players. Bless the players who enjoy their forays into the world I made. The sheer joy I derive from finding someone else who “gets it”, the player who tries a different path and discovers that it’s almost an entirely different game based upon what they do and to share their incredularity as they scurry off to try and discover something else is wonderful.

I would never have got this far without that wider team – and these awards are more theirs than mine.

Thank you.

Winner of Best Game, Best Developer, Best Writing and Favourite NPC
Heavy Five

If you’d like to check out the awards pages here are the links:

Best Game –

Best Writing –

Best NPC –

Best Original Art –

Best Developer –

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