What is LewdPixels?

LewdPixels is a website dedicated to offering News, Reviews, Features and Guides on the Adult Gaming Industry.

Who runs LewdPixels.com and how is it funded?

LewdPixels.com is run by a team of volunteers. For more information on our team, click here. Our funding comes primarily from our supporters on Patreon.com and donations via product purchases.

Is my game page based on the description and information given on F95ZONE/Patreon?

Your Early Game Listing page will be based on that information; once it is handed over to you, you'll have access to change it, it's just a placeholder for now since we don't have information on all the games out there, nor the time to play them all to create descriptions.

Your description would be your own. We will put in a basic description to help start you off, but you're free to change that.

What would I be able to do with my page, e.g. What management options am I going to have?

You will have access to change the description, screenshots/samples, as well as Marketing and Social links maintenance. You'll also have an area to post updates.

Is the basic Game Listing page a free service?

Yes. We do not currently charge for any website services or access and do not use paywalls.

Will this website have pirated content?

No. LewdPixels.com will not provide or allow pirated content on our platform. While some developers do publish their games on platforms known for pirated content, that is their own business.

Is this site a clone or competitor to F95Zone?

The adult gaming community is a very close-knit community, and we would consider all sites friends because we're all geared towards the same goal. We're offering very different services to sites like F95Zone. Some of the Staff at F95Zone are also Staff at LewdPixels.

Will this website sell games?

The main focus of our website is providing News, Reviews, and other articles on the Adult Gaming Industry. While we will be allowing Developers to provide free versions of their game(s) on our platform, we have no current plans to provide a marketplace for games.

Will LewdPixels.com have a forum?

No. Community interactions with LewdPixels will take place on our site comments, Discord server, and other social platforms.

I noticed on my order “after fulfillment”, what is this?

Our products are produced to order by a printing partner. This allows us to limit our overheads by not having to maintain or warehouse stock of products.

Product fulfillment can take anywhere from 2 to 8 days depending on the volume of orders.

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