Community Rules

Website General Rules:

These rules are for everyone to follow.

1. All users must be 18 or over.
2. Keep comments civil – Opinions are welcome but abuse (personal or general) will not be tolerated.
3. Spam of any kind will not be permitted.
4. Any discriminatory/offensive usernames are not permitted.
5. Usernames with any variation of “LewdPixels” are not permitted. Your username must be unique to you.
6. Comments must be relevant to the article’s/pages topic.
7. No linking/mention of any pirated content.
8. Comments of the following topics are not permitted:

Website Posting Rules:

These are rules for people who post games, game updates, mods, walkthroughs, artwork, stories and comics, to follow. 

Games, Game Updates, Walkthroughs, Mods:

1. Any games, game updates, mods, walkthroughs posted must be your own intellectual property.
2. Only developers and staff members can update games.
3. Pirated content/links are prohibited. Linking to pirated content can be done at a developers own discretion.
4. Games/Game Updates/Mods/Walkthroughs must not contain any of the following content:

Artwork, Stories & Comics:

1. All artwork, stories & comics you post must be your own or legally obtained and free to share.
2. Artwork, stories & comics must not contain any of the following content:

Discord Rules:

These are rules for all LewdPixels.com discord server members to follow.

1. All users must be 18 or over.
2. English only server.
3. No spamming of comments, links, discord invites, bot commands or emotes.
4. The following topics are not permitted:

5. Keep things civil. Opinions are fine but personal attacks or abusive comments are not.
6. We do not permit pirated content, including linking to pirated content and the use of unlicensed 3rd party intellectual property.
7. As much as possible, please stay on topic. Try to keep our community tidy so that it can always stay awesome!

Three Strikes Policy:

We operate a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy. 

Repeated violations of our fairly considered and written rules will result in staff taking action upon your accounts on either Discord, the website, or both.

Actions can include, but are not limited to, content deletion, temporary muting (inability to communicate), temporary bans or permanent bans.

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