We’re Recruiting!

In essence, our main goal with LewdPixels.com is to serve the Adult Gaming and Artist community and in order to keep our sights set on that goal, we need team members. And that’s where you come in! If you want to help, there are a few ways in which you can contribute.


Writers are the lifeblood of our team. They create content such as reviews, features, and opinion pieces. As a writer, you’ll have the freedom to review the games you want and the freedom to speak your own opinion on topics close to your heart.


Think of editors as the muscle of the team. They ensure that content is being produced and review the articles that our writers create. Think of an Editor as an extension of the Writer. Both produce content but Editors are in charge of vetting content as well.


The people who make things look pretty. Need a graphic made for your article? These guys have got your back. As a Designer, it’ll be up to you to create assets for Writers and Editors to use. Designers may also be asked to create assets for other LewdPixels projects, not just articles.

Web Developers

Web Developers can be considered to be the backbone of our team. Without them, we wouldn’t even have a website. Being a Web Developer means helping build and improve the site but also catering to the needs of our staff and community.

More information on each of these roles can be found if you head over to our recruitment page linked below.

But I can hear you say; ‘I don’t think I could fit into any of these roles but I still wanna help.’ If you want to help but you don’t what you can contribute, you can just hit us up on our Discord. We’re sure we can work out a way for you to contribute.

That’s about it! If you share our vision for the future of this industry and want to help us achieve it, you’re more than welcome to join us.

As a final note; please know that LewdPixels.com is volunteer run and that all positions come with a trial of one month.


A purveyor of the written word. My speciality is story-crafting but I dabble in other interests from time to time. Speaker of six tongues, master of only one.

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