We Want You!

Breaking News:

Upstart Adult Gaming Review Site (That’s us, BTW) seeks volunteers to move from official Upstart status to Serious News, Reviews, and Interviews Organisation!

You Can Make A Difference!

Your words, your talent, your willingness to play lewd games and then come out and write about them is essential to making this work! Dragging our industry out of the shadows and into the (red) light (districts of the world) so that the masses can find and play your favourite games!

Don’t Delay, Join Today!

Come on down, apply and volunteer (we’re serious about that, we can’t even pay ourselves yet) for this good cause!

Click Below For More Info!

Click here to go to our recruitment page and let your inner pervert out to write about lewd things, help us with development, marketing, or even graphic design! There are many roles to choose from and we need people in all of them!


Writer and developer. Plus, I play with virtual dolls.

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