Quick Update – Account Registrations

Hot off the heels of our Games Update, we’ve put out a smaller update to revamp and change some things. We’ve been a quite busy since its release and were happy to show you what we’ve done.

Developer Roles

The Developer role is now a separate entity that covers all game developers on our site. Game developers will still be able to view, create, and edit their game pages after registering on the site.

Speaking of registration…


We’ve revamped the registration page to cater to a wider set of users. As you can see below, there are now three way in which you can register on LewdPixels.com; Member, Creator, and Developer. They’re all pretty self-explanatory and hopefully will offer more options to our community members.

If you had previously registered under a certain status but now would like to change that status, head to your account page to request a change.

To Developers

Routinely, LewdPixels staff will create game pages for content on the site. If you’ve noticed your game page is on our website and would like to claim ownership over it, please ensure you are already registered, after which you can head over to the claim page and claim it.


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