Our Steam Curator Page

About a couple of weeks ago, we launched our very own Steam Curator page. What we do there isn’t much different that the kind of reviews that you’d expect right here on our main site. In fact, all our Curator recommendations will link back directly to the full review on the site.

Any and all our reviews for games that also has a Steam version will also appear on our page and throughout the Steam store as you browse for games. So be sure to follow our Curator page to keep up to date on the newest reviews for western adult games on steam.

To Game Developers

If you’re a game developer and you have your games on Steam; us having a Curator page also means that sending us review copies has become a lot easier. Using Curator Connect you can send copies of your game directly to our Curator page and our Reviewers can immediately try out your game.

Do note however, that sending in a reviews copy does not guarantee that we will produce a review. The decision to review your game will be up to our Staff Writers. We also reserve the right to decline a review for any reason.

But don’t let that discourage you from sending us your game. Our Writers are a dedicated bunch and all of them will be happy to try out your latest and greatest.

Don’t forget to follow our Curator page and also our twitter so you can keep up with our latest reviews!


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