LewdPixels.com – The Story

LewdPixels.com has been an insane ride.

My first venture into adult games was via a pirate website. It was awesome; I could get to try out guys before deciding to support them or not. But, I’m going to lie, sometimes when money was tight, I couldn’t support all the developers I wanted to.

Eventually, I started working with this particular site. Volunteering my time for maybe a couple of years, helping develop some awesome things. However, what I really wanted to do was build something to report on the industry. To both shed light on it but also hold it to account.

A lofty goal.

I initially proposed this idea to the site that I was working with; they liked the idea. However, it might’ve been years before we got around to it with the work queue there. So, I asked permission to go with it on my own. They graciously gave their blessing and support.

Being the all-or-nothing type of person I am, I got to work right away, approaching people in the community that I have developed friendships with or people I thought would be of value to the project. I knew that I couldn’t build and maintain something like this on my own. I needed a skilled, passionate, and dedicated team to see it through.

We slowly and gradually grew, everyone calling on contacts that they had, and eventually, we had the workings of what looks like a team.

There was a small group of us; we got a Discord set up and started planning out the site. It’s mission and policies.

We wanted LewdPixels.com to be a site that pulled the industry out of the shadows, that normalized the taboo of adult gaming.

Thus, LewdPixels.com was born.


I had for most of my professional career been volunteering my time to charities and community groups. Helping people where I could. I could always support myself through paid work, but it was in the volunteer work that I found the most joy.

Donating my time to the aforementioned adult site was the first time I strayed from the mainstream. It’s not exactly a thing you can put on your portfolio. However, it was some of the more rewarding years of my professional life. I developed some incredible friendships, learned some new skills, and matured my own craft.

When it came to starting LewdPixels.com, I was faced with funding a huge project with zero finance. Fun times.

Thankfully, my past had given me the knowledge of running communities, marketing for the gaming world, web development, graphic design, motion graphics…

Jack of all.

The Project

Thankfully, when it came to managing LewdPixels.com, some incredible people came on board and volunteer their time to make it possible and help with day-to-day operations.

But we were presented with a stark reality from day one – we can’t pay people.

We had no finance, investment, or funds. I initially paid our server costs out of my own pocket, and my personal funds were running low. It was the worst possible situation to be in when starting such a big project.

However, the initial team that we had gathered – with their eyes wide open – were willing to be involved and help make this wild idea a reality.

And so it went.

We built a team on a volunteer basis that would contribute to the project whenever and however they could. We came up with a base policy; “Real Life First”. It would be wrong of us to expect anything more.

But of course, with this model of project structure, there is a lot of turnover. People come, and people go. People underestimate the world load. People aim for the titles without wanting to do the work. People rage when asked to work within a team.

The Drama

The sad and disappointing part of the history of LewdPixels.com is that there have been people who have either not liked our way of management or our policies, or not liked individuals in the group, and have kicked up a fuss.

We always try to be receptive and learn from our mistakes. We try to be understanding and inclusive.

However, that is not always an easy thing to archive.

The Present

LewdPixels.com became one year old a few months ago.

I have to be honest, the months leading up to it were very dark, our team numbers were at an all-time low, activity was slowing, and we weren’t putting out much content.

I spoke with a close friend and admin from another site, telling him that I was thinking of shutting up shop. My depression and my anxiety disorder had become so severe that I couldn’t see a way forward.

But, it was this same admin that pushed me to keep going.

It was a tough road back from that low point. I had to suck it up and push on. LewdPixels.com started to pull in more people eventually, and our team grew to an amazing degree.

Some of those people grew within the project, taking on more responsibilities, and it was inspiring to me, once again, to see total strangers get invested and fall in love with this crazy idea that I once had and had almost closed.

Now, I’ve been able to off-load many responsibilities to some of these dedicated people, and we’re all really working as an amazing team. It’s honestly a dream come true.

LewdPixels.com would not be what it is today without the team that we have right now.

The Future

There is actually going to be a future.

That’s mad.

Things in LewdPixels.com are progressing so fast right now. I even find myself having to steady my brain at times just to grasp the gravity of everything that’s happening and the work that has to be done to see it materialize.

We’re just about to release our biggest update since launch, our Games Update. And we have so many other updates in the queue waiting to happen.

We recently launched our Art Twitter account, which has been exploding, and our main Twitter account is about to hit 2k followers.

It’s mad, right!?

But, there is going to be a future. This crazy idea is still a real thing.

With amazing people making it happen, day after day.

Note: I have intentionally not named any names or referenced any site names in this piece, as I felt that it was important to keep the story unbiased. This is my story, as I see it.


I'm Pixel, founder of LewdPixels.com, a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. You'll often find me here in a state of angry ranting. I respond to Pixel or "Daddy".

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Manka Games
Manka Games(@mankagames)
1 month ago

This is just the beginning!