Games Update is Live!

After many months of work on our Games Update, it’s finally here, along with a couple of smaller changes and additions to the website.

This is, however, just the beginning, as we have many more things planned for the near future.

Games Library

The Games Library is a simple and easy way for users to find game listings.

In our first evolution of the Games Library, users can change the order in which they view game listings between New, Popular and Updated.

However, in future updates we will make improvements to the library, introducing filters and other ways for people to find the games they want more info on.

Game Pages

LewdPixels.com has had Games Pages since our first public release over two and a half years ago. Their popularity was not something we were expecting. Game pages account for over half of our top 100 most viewed pages on LewdPixels.com.

As a result, we decided to conduct a massive update to our game pages so that we can provide a full experience to users while also allowing game developers even more marketing opportunities and exposure.

Along with allowing game developers to provide basic information to the public, game pages now also offer a new screenshot slider, various metadata avenues for discover, user comments, rating metrics, display of game updates, optional download links, and so much more is yet to come.

Game Mods & Walkthroughs

Many adult games are made richer by community developed Mods and Walkthroughs. Some offer stat cheats, other offer handy hints to choices, and in many cases they have become an essential part of our gaming experience.

LewdPixels.com now allows Mod & Walkthrough developers to upload and maintain their content and also directly link it with their associated game.

Verified Users

We’ve also snuck in the beginnings of our Creator Verification system.

Over a short period we will be manually approving known and trusted Creators, however, we will soon begin accepting applications from the general public.

Not only will the verification system show users that you are an approved member of our community, but in future updates, it will unlock additional tools and greater access to features on LewdPixels.com.

Right now

We’re in the process of ironing bugs and issues reported about our Games Update, and are taking a lot of steps to improve and polish the final product.

We’re also taking a number of measure to improve the UI and UX of our website in general, to makes things easier to understand and navigate.

The Future…

The Games Update has been the first major update that we have produced for LewdPixels.com since our initial release, and we have plans for many more additions and improvements down the road.

Our next planned update to LewdPixels.com is our Profiles + Update, in which we will offer a wide range of tools and features, essentially turning profiles into mini-portfolio websites for Creators.

To add your Game, Mod, or Walkthrough to LewdPixels.com, Register for an account, and then head over to the Dashboard to begin submitting content.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for LewdPixels.com, please feel free to let us know on our Discord server.


I'm Pixel, founder of LewdPixels.com, a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. You'll often find me here in a state of angry ranting. I respond to Pixel or "Daddy".

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