Games Update – Incoming

Woo, it has been a long time in the works, but our Games Update is almost here.

When was first being developed, the game pages on it were a last minute addition – and in fact delayed launch by about a month. Game pages were simply added as a way for various articles about specific games to all be linked together in a single location.

Then, however, we introduced game updates, and we allowed game developers to take management of their game pages.

Now, to our surprise, there are a certain few game pages which are some of the most searched pages on our website. So, the decision was made to give our game pages an overhaul and also introduce the long requested Games Library.

For the past few months, Perverteer and myself have been working hard building upon our current infrastructure and implementing a games nexus that will be among the best in the adult gaming world.

Game Pages

Game Pages will be a huge chance for game developers to showcase their games and reach a wider audience.

The Games Updates to will be introducing a wide range of ways that content will be interconnected.

  • When our team write Reviews of Games, they will appear as ratings to games.
  • When our team report on News about a game, or list it as a suggestion, those articles will appear on the game page.
  • When the game developer posts updates or blogs on their game, they will be visible.
  • When the community posts fan art, they will be showcased.
  • And, when Mod or Walkthrough authors create community content for a game, they will be handily listed on the games sidebar for ease of access.
A sneak peak of our upcoming change to our game pages.

Games Library

Many members of our community had long requested a games library to be added to our website, and after much consideration, we decided to introduce one as part of our games update.

This first evolution of our Games Library will be streamlined.

It will have ways for users to view content in a variety of orders initially, and also come with a Featured Games slider that will update monthly with new games, suggested by the team.

Sneak peak at the new Games Library for

We cannot wait to release these new updates to you the public. We have put a lot of work and time into making these as polished and robust as is possible.

We hope you will enjoy them, and the future updates to come to

Thanks for spending some time with us and reading our blog.


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