2021 – A Year in Review

What a year 2021 has been. Astronauts had to poop their pants, Patreon has continued to be Hitler, Nopy went down, and Covid has been a c with an unt. And against all odds, LewdPixels.com has been here still, delivering you lewd content.

Top 10 Articles of the Year

This year has seen its share of events, and we’ve tried to cover as much as possible in the world of adult gaming. Our top 10 article of the year reflect that. With some surprising entries.

  1. Milfy City: Big Announcements and change of plans
  2. Plexstorm is down again, but will it be out for good!?
  3. NTR – What does it Mean?
  4. UnRen.bat – The only Ren’py tool you’ll ever need.
  5. Plexstorm is at it again.
  6. The Grim Reaper who reaped my Heart! – Soft, sexy, death.
  7. Staff Picks: Best Developer of the year 2020
  8. Staff Picks: Best Game of the Year 2020
  9. Psychodelusional finally releases his much-awaited game “Apocalust”
  10. Redamz Forced to Change Game, Leaves Patreon

Top 5 Game Pages

Our Top 5 Game Pages, on the other hand, might be less of a surprise.

  1. Dating My Daughter
  2. Apocalust
  3. A New Home
  4. Shale Hill Secrets
  5. Heavy Five

The Games Update

2021 saw the release of our long awaited Games Update.

The Update comprised of us updating our existing game pages, and also introducing a new Games library to the website.

This update was six months in the making, and was made available to all game developers 100% free.

Our 2k Twitter Giveaway

In November, we hit 2k followers on our main Twitter account.

In an attempt to celebrate, we thought we could reach out to some game developers, to see if they could donate some free keys to us, so that we could give them away.

Not wanting to put our eggs in one basket, and expecting some to say no, we reached out to a lot of developers.

To our surprise, they all said yes, and we were able to give away over $1500 worth of adult games on Steam.

LewdPixels.com Art

We also managed to sneak in our little Art update during all the work in 2021.

Artists, Developers & Fans are now able to upload their NSFW Art, link it with games, characters, and so much more.

Follow it’s Twitter for updates on submissions.

Site Stats

2021 has been the biggest year for LewdPixels.com, not only in how we have improved our website, but also with the growth that we have seen.

Unique Visitors: 141k

Pageviews: 601k

Twitter Followers: 2312

Times OG has to be corrected on spelling mistakes: Unimaginable.

This past year has been amazing, however it would not be possible without the amazing people on our team who volunteer their time, our really generous Patreon supporters, and the wider community who visit the site, follow us on Twitter and share our content.

Watch this space for more amazing things coming in 2022.

Thank you, and happy new year.


I'm Pixel, founder of LewdPixels.com, a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. You'll often find me here in a state of angry ranting. I respond to Pixel or "Daddy".

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1 year ago

Congrats! If any developers wanted to share experiences with the latest daz/blender etc for making AVNs, I think this could be a great resource for other AVNs and the general community at large (which includes me :).

Manka Games
Manka Games
1 year ago

Happy New Year. May the next year triple the numbers! 🎉

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