Vamp vs. Wolf


Recently, I was pretty distracted, so I nearly missed doing a Halloween render.

Okay, that is not entirely true, as I did, in fact, two Halloween renders for contests (one for Renderosity [no direct link due to anonymity of the entries] and one for Renderotica) and my annual Halloween story for the writers’ contest at Renderosity (no direct link due to anonymity of the entries). I will reveal my entries after the voting is closed.

Until then, enjoy this little image of Laura and Dante I named Vamp vs. Wolf.

You can consider it an inside joke, as it could stand for the fight between Dante, who once again forgot to do his household chores, and Laura, who is still pissed at him for quitting his job.

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all of you!

Sincerely yours
AbyssalEros of the Society of Lust

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Well met, I am AbyssalEros, the Demon of Dark Lusts. Follow me on which path you dare to walk:

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