Adult RPG Game “Deluded” Coming soon!





Hello! We are SRT and we are creating a game called “Deluded”.
It’s a mix of storytelling, sandbox, survival, RPG, and adult genres. Our game is inspired by adult Skyrim/Fallout mods.


Join our Patreon: www.patreon.com/Deluded
All the latest news on our Discord: discord.gg/gKV5mzqHSJ

I woke up from a grave. What happened to my family and the world around?
Everything is not like it used to be… Something controls people…

Am I Deluded?

Alisa lives a basic daily life, trying to recover from her sister’s disappearance. But a time-forgotten disaster awakens and makes her lose everything in an instant. Neglected by everyone, she has to start at the bottom. Where will she find food and shelter? Would she survive at all?

  • Survival system: How will she eat, where will she sleep? There’s even no safe place to pee. Will Alisa be able to survive in this cruel new world?
  • Choices matter: Alisa can be smart, pure, strong and submissive, or stupid, lewd, graceful, and dominant. There are 16 types of personalities Alisa can form by making different decisions.
  • Alisa can wear multiple layers of clothing, they can be skimpy or something more suitable for winter. NPCs will notice and comment on it.
  • Lust system: Alisa will start as a shy and innocent girl, but you decide the way she develops. Will she remain pure or succumb to her lust, engaging in prostitution or adult videos?
  • Vastly populated open-world map, covered by cities, lakes, mountains, rivers, and forests. All of them contain many activities… and hidden secrets.
  • Dynamic character customization: sexual encounters, food, weather, sports, cosmetics, and more can affect her appearance.
  • Unique NPCs with unique personalities, quests, and reactions to your actions.
  • A large list of fetish-specific poses can be unlocked the more Alisa’s fetishes evolve.
  • Unreal Engine provides exceptional quality of characters and environment.

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