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LewdPixels is the leading website for reviews, op-eds, and interviews entirely dedicated to the Adult Video Game market.

We are a website dedicated to this niche market, you can be guaranteed that the audience your ad will reach are exactly the kind of people you want to see your ad. There are few other places on the internet that can promise such a dedicated and specific audience to you.

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Questions & Answers

Do you support X advertising service?
No. Advertising is handled 100% in-house by LewdPixels.
What payment method do you accept?
Paypal. We will not accept any other payment methods.
When is payment due?
Up front. Advertising can only begin once payment has been received in full.
Can banners contain nudity?
What CTR can we expect?
LewdPixels.com hopes to achieve a CTR of 0.25% for all advertisers, however, because banner design and product type can play a part in grabbing user attention, this is not something we can guarantee.
We do not need the free banner design, can we get a reduced price on advertising?
No. The free banner design is an added bonus and not calculated in the advertising price.
Will a copy of our game change the price of advertising?
No. If you would like to submit a copy of your game for a possible Review, you can do so on the following link, however it will have no bearing on advertising or it’s price: https://lewdpixels.com/review-policy
I would like to buy a Sponsored Post, but can it not be labelled as a Sponsored Post?
We label all Sponsored Posts. There are no exceptions to this rule.
I’m a new developer and do not have a large budget for advertising, can you help?
A lot of developers are making games with cash out of pocket, and can’t really afford to spend a lot of money on things like Advertising. If you are a new developer, or a developer with a very small following on markets (Patreon, SubscribeStar, etc) we are willing to talk and make sure that you can still get an ad on a budget that works for you.

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